Momentum Bookkeeping Services

We are switching to Brightpay!

Yes, we are that geeky that we get excited about new software.

We are excited, and delighted, to announce that we will shortly be changing our payroll software provider to BrightPay. While our existing software has absolutely met our needs for the past 7 years, we have looked carefully at the BrightPay offering and feel it will provide us with a more integrated and seamless experience. We are particularly keen on their BrightPay Connect Module, which we believe will offer our clients, and their employees, an enhanced overall, experience with their payroll.

The Bright Pay portal

Essentially, this module provides a portal that will store each of your employees’ payslips, P60s etc, and that they can access via an app on their phone, at any time. This means that employees will no longer need to ask you, to ask us, for copies of historic payslips or P60s.

The employer also has their own document portal, where payroll reports, P30 notices for payments of PAYE and other information can be stored centrally. New starts can be added via this portal, holiday pay can be tracked and, if you wish to enable it, employees can request holidays via their app and you can respond easily from your portal.

The catch? There isn’t one…

This module does cost extra for us, but we will be making it available to our clients at no additional charge as we feel it will be a significant improvement to our service and will benefit everyone.


Finally, we will also now be able to offer a payment service for wages through the payment platform Modulr. This links directly to our new software and allows us to send the payment information for each employee to an account with Modulr. All you would then have to do is make a single payment to this account covering the full wages run, instead of having to make separate payments to each employee.

Payments can be scheduled and they are paid as Faster Payments rather than BACS payments. For these payments you can require the batch is authorised by you, or let us authorise it if you prefer. This will come at an additional cost of £0.50 per payment, but it means wages payments are 100% accurate every time, and saves the hassle of making individual payments every week/month.

Good news for new and existing clients…

As you can tell we are very excited about this change, so if you’ve got any questions we’d be more than happy to answer them. If you are in need of a payroll provider or are looking to switch, we can help. Just give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs and guide you towards the best course of action.