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Outsourced Accounts Department Outsourced Accounts Department

It’s always the same.

Just when you are busy serving a customer or in the middle of something equally important, the phone rings and it’s a supplier asking when an invoice will be paid. Or it’s a customer asking for a statement to be sent (sound familiar?).

These are of course important things for any business but they are small things that could easily be handled by someone else so that you can get on with running the business. So, let us handle it for you!

After all, we have the paperwork immediately to hand, and as is so often the case, you would likely just call us for it anyway.

How does an outsourced accounts department work?

It is actually quite simple. We will provide you with a dedicated email address AND a dedicated phone number that you can give to your clients and suppliers. As and when they need something, they can contact us direct. And because the phone number is dedicated to your business, we know exactly how to answer the phone when they do call and will have all the necessary information immediately at our fingertips.

We will be your accounts department.

  • Set up a dedicated email address for accounts@yourdomain (if you don’t already have one) and forward all incoming email from that address to us.
  • Provide you with a dedicated phone number that you can give to customers and suppliers.
  • Email monthly statements to your customers on an agreed date each month.
  • Request statements from your suppliers if not received by an agreed date each month.
  • Reconcile supplier accounts and request any missing invoices identified from them.
  • Place invoices on hold, where required.
  • Provide a point of contact for basic accounts queries and only pass on matters to you that actually require your attention.


It may seem like a small hassle but if you are currently dealing with this yourself, even two calls a week from customers can significantly eat into your workday.  At Momentum Bookkeeping, our core goal is to help your business focus on what really matters and let you grow your business without these kind of distractions in the background.  We already handle the outsourced clients department for many clients across the country and have refined to process to make it as easy and as simple as you can hope for.  If you want to know more, the next step is to simply get in touch.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and even give you an example of the system in action. Call or email us today and let’s start building some real momentum in your business.

Account Department Initial Enquiries

While you may not love bookkeeping, we do. So if you want to discuss our outsourced accounts department services that are tailored to suit what you need to get on with running your business, our door is always open.

Call or email us and lets start to build some momentum in your business.

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