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How bookkeeping can increase customer loyalty

When you sign up a new client, it would be wrong to think now is the time to put your feet up.

Because that is where complacency kicks in.  And at Momentum Bookkeeping, we are called Momentum for a reason. We don’t just take on a new customer for bookkeeping services and then ‘tick along’ with what needs to be done.  We want to help you grow your business and make it stronger than ever before. Pushing you forwards again and again with real momentum. We do this by always looking at ways we can offer our customers more in service, industry knowledge and quality. And we wanted to pass on these tips to you so you can build some real momentum in your business and build stronger loyalty with your customers.

So here are some useful tips and suggestions that may just inspire you…

Regular Reporting

You may already do this in some fashion but by sending your clients a report (either monthly or annually) highlighting important financial figures AND how much money they may have saved using your services is a great way to help increase loyalty and show your bookkeeping services worth.  By sending them reports, it shows that you are on top of your game and acts as a great reminder of the work that you do for them.

Regular Check Ins

How often do you call your customers for a catch up and make sure that everything is A-okay?  A simple call every few weeks can be all it takes to help build loyalty while also finding out more about the company and the people behind the business.  These simply conversations can highlight relevant information about taxes, accounts and other financial concerns within their business that may help you do the work for your client to a higher standard.

Ask for feedback

It may seem scary but asking your customers if they are happy with the work you are doing for them can help strengthen your relationship between yourself and the client while also helping you to become better at what you do. Asking a customer what ways they feel you could improve your bookkeeping service to them and then demonstrate that you can and have acted on this advise shows that you are not just an outsourced bookkeeping service but a vital part of their business and their ongoing success.

Keep them in the loop

From understanding your clients future needs and informing them of useful incentives to tax breaks and industry relevant news that they may find useful; by keeping them in the loop, it can help them save money and become more efficient in their own record keeping. All while helping to highlight your bookkeeping service benefit to their business.

Constantly Deliver

It may seem obvious but you need to keep delivering to the same high standards for your clients time and time again. If your service performance drops off, the client will notice.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day soon.  And all it takes is one or two cracks in the relationship for the whole thing to come crumbling down and for you to find yourself looking for a new client.

The Momentum Way

We are Momentum Bookkeeping and our goal is to make running your business easier. Whether it’s getting paid by your customers on time, completing your VAT returns or processing payroll; the demands on businesses can seem endless.

Covering the full range of bookkeeping services that the typical business would require, we have built our bookkeeping services around going a step further. And that means that we offer not just what you expect, but what you need (even if you didn’t know you need it).



Initial Enquiries

While you may not love bookkeeping, we do. So whether you have a question about one of our bookkeeping services or you want to discuss a tailored service to suit what you need to get on with running your business, our door is always open.

Call or email us and lets start to build some momentum in your business.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay