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Tackling Two Years of Bookkeeping Backlog

Bringing order to chaos

At Momentum Bookkeeping, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our dedication to serving our clients’ needs. Recently, we encountered a challenge that put our skills and expertise to the test… Tackling a two-year backlog of bookkeeping records for a new client

The challenge…

When we took on this new client at the beginning of the year, we were confronted with a daunting task. They had been let down by their previous accountant and subsequent bookkeeper, leaving them with nearly two full years of incomplete and disorganised financial records.
Think of a large jigsaw, with missing pieces and no picture to tell you what it’s supposed to look like.

Our approach

Despite the enormity of the challenge, we approached it with determination. Our team knew that it would require a combination of methodical organisation, logical analysis, and innovative solutions to unravel the mess we inherited.
We began by conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s financial records, identifying gaps, inconsistencies, and errors.
With a clear understanding of the scope of the problem, we developed a systematic approach to organise the records, cataloging and categorising every piece of data.
Armed with our organised framework, we got to work on the task of reconstructing the missing pieces of the puzzle. Using available information and historical data, we were able to piece together the financial picture.

The results

Despite the challenges we faced, with our diligent efforts we are finally starting to see the end of the tunnel. This is one of those situations where enjoying what you do for a living makes life that bit easier.
We believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and innovation. If you have been let down by your bookkeeper or are struggling to handle your finances on your own, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to discuss your situation and find the solution that makes the most sense for your business.